Deforestation EP

by The Green Leaves

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Brent Raudenbush
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Brent Raudenbush This band has a really unique sound. It has a mix of all things heavy, and even has lyrics covering themes that aren't typical for heavy music. It is well-produced, also. Hope to hear more coming from this band. Favorite track: Currents.
fathead dog
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fathead dog Slambidjent is more like it. There are some "death metal/deathcore" aspects with some ambient parts, but the music also has a very "djent" tone to it. Favorite track: Overseer.
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released January 6, 2017

Vocals, Lyrics, and Programming by Michael O'Hara

Guitar, Bass, Lyrics, Programming and Mixing by Grant Huffman



all rights reserved


The Green Leaves Fort Wayne, Indiana

Slambient from Indiana.

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Track Name: Overseer
I will show you my home, my final destination.
This is the place that I roam, and show my dedication.

These are the stories of the serpent and the oak, the telling of the currents and the doom brought by the smoke.

Your eyes gouged, unable to witness my forest's beauty.
Incapable of appreciation, regardless.
A closed mind allows for only quite a shallow existence in a self-made smothering realm.

The trees above my head provide shade, this is the life I have made.

Be not afraid.
For I am, Overseer.

With a grip devastating, holding close what is mine, my prints remain where the sun shines.

Day after day, time after time, the little things in life are what remind me why I refuse to die.

Leaving scars on the ground, the wounds on the earth's skin mark my home.
Track Name: Ophidian (feat. Danny Boismier)
At times I still feel you writhing through the grass.
Your sinister presence will always been perpetual.
Slithering through life, you never contributed to anything.

Deceiving the masses to abhor my presence
I'll take what you've made and render it futile
Every word that crept across your slippery tongue
Will be held to you and become your warranted fate

Gathering every thought and past action
This assertion I have made known:
You're a vile waste of constant motion.

I heard whispers of your deceit
I will separate from you and we shall diverge.

I heard whispers of your deceit
I knew straight from the beginning you were the embodiment of falsehood.

We shall diverge.

Swiftly, the tail is grabbed, I grip your jaw
This is what I've wanted to do all along
Ripped in half, you can no longer crawl
Discarded, left on the ground where you belong

I have a plan for the next time that we cross paths.
Although I know that we will never meet again, I have chosen a spot in the ground for you.

(Danny Boismier)
Walking the forest late at night trying to erase the memory of you
Nothing can be done to forget the pain you've caused me, you serpent
The feeling of your scales brushing against my skin still lingers on me

I feel you slithering through the grass, still.
Your presence is still on my mind.

You destroyed everything we had.
I will erase you.

I must erase you.

I leave you behind for my own sake, because I know deep down that you are only a snake.
Track Name: Ophidian II
I've been contemplating this for an extended period of time.

My life almost entirely devoured, plotting my escape from you.
I put a hole in the ground.
I buried you in it.
The terrible acts you committed, surely now you regret them.

I put a hole in the ground.

I made a hole far too glamorous for you.
My animosity seen through, but now I'm confused.

As to why you're still in my head.
Why I still see your face when I close my eyes.


The world has since been ridden of every trace of your existence.
The life-sucking aura remains, dragging me down.

Why are you still draining the air from the rooms that I enter?
Do you not think I need to breathe anymore?
Hell is the only proper place for rest, and surely you've landed in the center.

The center of hell.

If you'd be kind for once, save me a spot.

The thought of you is an itch that simply refuses to go away.
There is only exposed flesh where my skin used to be, a vain effort to escape the constant brushing of your scales.

I've found myself alone, calling your name but received no response.
I've sat in the rain for hours, an endless attempt to wash you off of me, hoping that the lightning would strike me and put an end to this pathetic fucking lamenting but I couldn't possibly be that lucky.
Track Name: Currents
I lean back as I dip my feet into the stream.
Laying under trees, the clouds drift as a dream.
The fish venture under the gleaming surface, devoid of dissonance.


Once the birds thirsts are quenched they sing their song, taking me away to an amazing place where there can be no wrong.
Devoid of dissonance, only harmony.


You will be carried away from this place.
We will be carried away from this place.

Don't try.

You have no idea what's to come.

Take my hand, grip it tight and never let go.
Lest they sweep you away.

I still have nightmares to this day - terrible visions of you being taken away.
I see these awful things in front of me, as reality - this is reality.

You somehow managed to stop the flow of water to a river that let the forest prosper.
I gave my heart, body and soul, I have nothing left to offer you.

These are the currents that flow through the forest.
See the energy flow through the waterways.
Signs of life float to the top as bubbles.

The creekbed is washed over and over with pure water, but the stream that flows into the main river flows the strongest of all.
Track Name: Deforestation
Smoke begins to rise from this once vibrant landscape.

This is a scene of destruction, a scene of pure gloom.
An event I wish I didn't have to witness, portrayal of complete doom.
Ash-laden carcasses line the path.
The forest doesn't deserve this.

Watch as the birds flee from their nests, unable to defend their eggs.
They are now entitled to nothing, not even the trees harbor safety anymore.

Once pure and untouched, now fucking filthy.
The vegetation is no more, far past the point of wilting.

Devoid of life.
A sanctuary no more.


Now you see there's nothing left.

Once a forest, now a clearing, everything I've loved, turned to nothing.
I find myself unable to deal with what lies before me.

Such unnecessary destruction, there is no reason for this.
Yet I must find a reason why my home no longer exists.

I'll find the killer and make light of the situation.
The separation from my love will never be forgiven.
My revenge will justly outweigh their crimes.
Their cause has caused my indignation.
They will pay for their wrongdoings in due time.

I need to leave this place.